ecoTEC plus 48-65kW

Wall-mounted gas condensing boilers (48 kW, 65 kW) for stand-alone operation or with up to seven boilers in cascade

  • Proven, reliable gas condensing technology from Vaillant
  • Compact design - ideal for large single-family as well as semi-detached and houses
  • Cascade installations now possible with up to 7 appliances and up to 455kW output
  • Easy installation due to many integrated components and a broad selection of system components to meet your individual needs
  • Considerable energy savings thanks to energy efficiency class A and wide modulation range


ecoTEC plus 48 - 65 kW gas condensing boiler

Our new ecoTEC plus wall-mounted gas condensing boilers are a highly reliable heating solution for large single-family as well as semi-detached and multi-family houses. In combination with an appropriate storage cylinder, they also supply the comfort of hot water.

Both models allow the management of different heating zones and are equipped with technology that has proven itself a million times over - and that you can justifiably expect from the European market leader. This includes a premium heat exchanger made of high-grade stainless steel.

The ecoTEC plus boilers have a heat output of 48kW of 65kW as individual units and as much as 455kW in cascade. Their high-efficiency pump delivers up to four bars of pressure, ensuring a reliable heat supply even to multi-storey houses. And their wide modulation range guarantees consistens, extremely quiet and highly efficient operation.

Both models are fitted with all necessary ports for intelligent interconnection. In combination with the internet module VR920, for example, many functions can be conveniently controlled by app.

The new ecoTEC plus models come with a standard energy efficiency rating of A, which can be increased to A+ by means of a Vaillant system controller. This ensures the highest heating comfort at all times, with noticeably lower energy costs.

Thanks to their compact design, both boilers are especially well suited to cascading. Whether in a row, back-to-back or around a corner - the comprehensive fittings provide a perfect installation solution for every situation.

ErP efficiency rating for central heating (A++ to G) is A.



Energy efficiency
ErP efficiency rating for central heating (A++ to G)A