ecoTEC plus

Just fitting to your needs

  • Output versions of 24 to 34 kW as combi boilers (heating and domestic hot water), and 16 to 38 kW as system boiler (heating only)
  • High efficiency and modulating pump in european countries for a more flexible operation
  • Optimum modulation
  • Smart micro accumulation
  • combinable to Vaillant solar and controller range as well as to Vaillant range of domestic hot water storages


The new generation of ecoTEC appliances is more efficient, more durable and easier to use than ever before. They are so compact that they fit in the smallest niche, and yet are so effective that they provide single and multi-family houses at any time reliably with central heating and hot water.

The multi-talented ecoTEC plus is concentrated heating power on only 0,32m² of wall area. With up to 38 kW of power, it supplies even larger houses more efficiently and reliably than ever before. The new model uses an electronic air-gas mix system and operates with optimum modulation. This reduces energy consumption and emissions, and also increases the efficiency of water heating. The integral condensation heat exchanger and the new high efficiency pumps provide additional energy savings and flexible operation. And the ingenious connection system allows the quick and perfect installation in any location.



ecoTEC plus - combi versions
(heating and domestic hot water)
ecoTEC plus - system versions
(heating only)
 VUW 246/5-5VUW 306/5-5VUW 346/5-5VU 166/5-5VU 246/5-5VU 306/5-5VU 346/5-5VU 386/5-5
Output (80/60 °C)3,8 to 20,0 kW6,0 to 25 kW8,5 à 30,0 kW3,0 to 14,0 kW3,8 to 20,0 kW5,2 to 25,0 kW5,8 to 30,0 kW6,4 to 35,0 kW
Heating temperature30 to 80 °C30 to 80 °C
Domestic hot water        
Hot water set point35 to 65 °C35 to 65 °C35 to 65 °C     
Specific flow rate11,5 l/min14,3 l/min16,2 l/min     
Dimensions (height / width / depth)720 / 440 / 338 mm720 / 440 / 338 mm720 / 440 / 338 mm720 / 440 / 338 mm720 / 440 / 338 mm720 / 440 / 338 mm720 / 440 / 372 mm720 / 440 / 406 mm
Weight (empty)35 kg36 kg39 kg33 kg33 kg34 kg39 kg39 kg