Solar module for pressurized systems

  • Pre-designed pressurized circulation systems.
  • Deposits monovalent with capacities of 150, 200, 300 and 500 liters and also 300, 400 and 500 liters bivalents.
  • Solar control center auroMATIC 570 included
  • Vertical installation auroTHERM VFK 125 solar collector. Hydraulic connections in stainless steel. Mounting accessories, solar charging station and expansion vessel complete the system.
  • Compatible for any type of installation in flat roof, inclined roof and also for integration in the roof.


The easiest solution with forced circulation systems

Planning a forced circulation solar installation has never been easier since every auroKIT system already includes virtually all of the required components. With systems starting at 150 liters capacity with a monovalent accumulator, and a single collector, up to 500 liters capacity with bivalent accumulator, and with three solar collectors, all domestic AQS requirements are covered.


Each system is based on the auroTHERM VFK 125 collector, with its silver aluminum frame, equipped with transparent laminated glass, vertical installation, and produced in the most modern Vaillant factories in Germany.On the other hand each model is available in 3 different versions, inclined roof, integration in roof and still flat roof. Except for the roof mounting brackets, for installation on an inclined roof, which must be selected according to the type of roof, all other mounting accessories are already included in the set.


Solar charging station and expansion vessel, available in two versions, complete the set of hydraulic components, with the auroMATIC 570 control unit assuming system management and solar gain measurement.