Condensing boiler, floor installation, with solar support.

  • Efficient solar use with single flat or multi-family houses, ideal as heating centre in the attic
  • Gas and power savings by self-optimizing operation and high efficiency pump
  • Compact dimensions and appealing design in one device, together with low noise emission – suitable even for integration in living area
  • Energy-saving preparation of domestic hot water with high comfort thanks to big integrated shift-load cylinder
  • Ready for upgrading in combination with ventilation system or storages


The compact solution for simple use of solar energy

The COMPACT series of condensing boilers offers the best of Vaillant technology!

COMPACT series equipment stands out by its compact design and the integration of all components in one device, easy to place and to install.

The auroCOMPACT has been designed to work with solar support and includes a 190l shift-load cylinder for domestic hot water.

Thus, it presents itself as a great solution for mixed system that includes solar energy for the production of AQS!

All-in solution!

The auroCOMPACT offers the most effective way to produce hot water by taking advantage of solar energy.

Combining a condensing module with a coil storage on the same equipment, auroCOMPACT is an all-in-one and stand-alone solution.

Thanks to the new internal design all components of the solar circuit are integrated, e.g. expansion vessel, safety valve, isolation valves and mixing valve.

Drainback technology

One of the innovations in auroCOMPACT is the energy utilization of solar systems with "drainback" technology.

The operating principle associated with this new technology protects the solar equipment by automatically emptying the solar circuit when the system is stopped, completely eliminating the problem of overheating of the collectors in the summer and the freezing of the fluid in the winter.

The innovative "drainback" technology is now considered a future technology, to which auroCOMPACT is already prepared for it.

Smart control

The integrated control system in auroCOMPACT is prepared to perform the intelligent and efficient management of heating according to the needs, always prioritizing the most economical energy source.

Heat exchanger

The efficient built-in heat exchanger guarantees a minimum heat loss and, together with the high-efficiency pump, allows the passage of a higher flow rate in the circuit, thereby reducing energy losses and noise levels.

High efficiency pump

Conventional circulation pumps consume a lot of energy during their operation, which is why auroCOMPACT boilers already incorporate high efficiency pumps. In this type of pumps, its speed of rotation is controlled electronically according to the needs, resulting in a reduction in the number of starts and the running time which reduces the energy consumption up to 76%.

Efficient design!

Characterized by innovative technology in a compact design, the auroCOMPACT ensures ease of access thanks to the "reversible door" system. This new system allows opening the door both to the left and to the right, without any hinges. It thus offers ease of use in places where space is limited!

Safe and reliable

The use of high quality materials and components make the new boilers extremely reliable and safe, so that you can enjoy maximum comfort without any worries!

"Split-mounting" Concept

The COMPACT series also offers the possibility of installation (or transport) in split mode, i. e. it can be separated into two modules, making it ideal for installation in small rooms (attics).



Energy efficiency
ErP efficiency rating for central heating (A++ to G)A
ErP efficiency rating for hot water (A to G)A