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Instantaneous heaters

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atmoMAG gas water heaters

A great range with almost all solutions needed

  • Fastest warm water generation
  • Constant outlet temperature due to OPTI-MOD
  • Energy and water saving
  • High efficiency of 88%
  • Low NOx emissions, high efficiency of 88%

Electric instantaneous water heaters VED

Innovative technique for individual comfort

  • For decentral warm water supply, applicable to your demand
  • Innovative technique for individual comfort: electronicVED exclusive, electronicVED plus and electronicVED
  • Flat design
  • Output models from 12 to 27kW (depending on the model)
  • Adaptable to solar systems (depending on the model)


High quality level for anyone

  • Independent of surrounding air thanks to room-sealed combustion chamber
  • Electronically adjusted water flow rate, electronically controlled output, electronic ignition and control system
  • Ideal for single, decentralized or group use, appropriate for direct tapping as well as remote taps
  • Low noise level
  • Starting from 0,2 bar pressure or higher

1 - 3 of 3 Results