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geoSTOR - hot water cylinders for heat pumps

geoSTOR – different options as partners for Vaillant heat pump geoTHERM

  • As hot water cylinder for heat pumps or bivalent storage technology for use of additional energy from a solar system
  • Can be combined with geoTHERM heat pumps
  • can be combined with Vaillant solar system components
  • Magnesium protection anode


Domestic hot water preparation with environmental energy

If you want to combine a heat pump without an integrated cylinder with a solar system for hot water preparation, then the best solution is the new solar hot water cylinder for heat pumps,geoSTOR VIH RW 400B and VIH RW 300, because it stores the heat from the heat pump and the solar system in equal measure. If there is sufficient solar output in summer, the heat pump can even remain switched off; the solar system takes over hot water preparation by itself.