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ecoTEC plus – Big Output (45 kW and 65 kW)

Condensing wall-hung boiler, big output.

  • High quality "made in Germany". Cascade installations up to 6 appliances. Range of 46 kW (276 kW in cascade) and 65 kW (390 kW in cascade).
  • Easy installation and small footprint required. All major components already built-in.
  • High performance due to the fully modulating burner. Stainless steel heat exchanger.
  • Complete flue and hydraulic range of accessories. Combinable with Vaillant range of storages for DHW production.
  • Combinable with the solar range and Vaillant controllers


Big output in a small footprint

Installation and maintenance of ecoTEC plus boilers could not be easier. Several standard built-in functions, lightweight for its class, compact design and a wide range of flue and hydraulic accessories allows ecoTEC plus boilers to be installed anywhere.

Cascade installations with a full range of accessories

For large installations, or buildings with more complex schemes, multiple boilers can be installed in cascade to create a highly effective and extremely efficient heating system. They are set up to automatically and at any time optimize heating and DHW according to system requirements.

High efficiency provided by special features

AIS and AKS are two small features with great impact on increasing efficiency. With the AIS system, which automatically manages the heating system, the temperature is reached exactly at the desired point and with less waste. The boiler stops for some time before the set temperature is reached in the storage. Enough time to use the remaining temperature in the heating system to reach the desired temperature.

In the production of domestic hot water, condensing technology is not a great advantage unless the appliance has the right system to do so. The AKS system, present in the ecoTEC plus range, charges the storage at the lowest flow temperature, but with greater efficiency, and as long as there is no need to have it quickly and fully heated. If a higher need is required, the system automatically adjusts the charge temperature to achieve the desired temperature as quickly as possible.

EcoTEC plus, designed for economy and comfort.