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auroMATIC 620

Busmodular control system for solar supported heating

  • for control of the generation of solar domestic hot water and solar-supported heating
  • weather-guided control of the system
  • for up to 2 heating circuits, 1 direct heating circuit, 1 mixing circuit (f.ex. for underfloor heatingI, extendable up to 14 heating circuits
  • comfortable text display with graphical visualizations
  • constant indication of solar earnings, option for remote control, control for heating cascades


auroMATIC 620

The auroMATIC 620 – regulation of a whole system

The auroMATIC 620 is a busmodular control for solar supported heating which can be extended up to 14 heating circuits and up to 8 remote control appliances.

It allows not only the solar system but the whole heating system to be regulated. Taking into consideration the outside temperature, it adjusts the temperature level of the system and monitors the interplay of all components. The auxiliary heating unit is only activated when the collectors cannot deliver sufficient warmth.

The easy-to-install System Pro E connection plugs and ample inner space make it installation friendly.