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atmoMAG gas water heaters

A great range with almost all solutions needed

  • Fastest warm water generation
  • Constant outlet temperature due to OPTI-MOD
  • Energy and water saving
  • High efficiency of 88%
  • Low NOx emissions, high efficiency of 88%


atmoMAG with piezo or battery ignition or even with generator

OptiMod and Direct Start to improve your hot water comfort

Never more inconstant temperatures, with OptiMod feature a XI gas water heater keep your desired hot water temperature without variances. Together with Direct Start system ignition, without pilot flame, domestic hot water never was so faster on all points of consumption and thereby saving gas. Available in 11 and 14 liters.

Water generator – use the water circulation to power up the appliance

Without pilot flame, no battery neither any power connection the solution is a gas water heater with generator, GX. Provided with Digital System, a small display based on a advanced electronic controller and a NTC sensor placed in the hydraulic circuit, and a water generator as energy source this appliance not only breathes saving, comfort as well as eco-friendly. Available in 11 and 14 liters.

  • electronic ignition per pilot flame or with batteries (XI range),
  • electronic ignition per generator as option
  • fastest warm water generation,
  • easy replacement of old appliances,
  • constant outlet temperature due to OPTI-MOD,
  • low operational noise,
  • high efficiency 88%,



MAG mini INT11-0/1 XI BMAG mini ES/PT 11-0/1 GX BMAG ES/PT 14-0/1 XI HMAG ES/PT 14-0/1 XI BMAG ES/PT 14-0/1 GX H
Energy efficiency warmwater AAAAA
Tapping load MMMMM