Tips for Modernization

Replace heating is generally a very good decision. The higher efficiency of new heating systems significantly reduces the energy consumption of your installation. Replace heating leads to lower operating costs and eases the impact on the environment.

Modernisation does not take much time to complete: In general, a new heating system is installed in a maximum of three days. Especially if it is a Vaillant system, because the components are pre-assembled as far as possible.

When you replace your heating, you can retain the existing energy source, gradually change, or completely switch to renewable energy.

Using an existing energy source with modern technology

Replace your old boiler for a modern high-efficiency boiler with condensing technology. You will significantly reduce the operating costs of your system and protect the environment. Our condensing boilers utilise the heat in the flue gas and thus achieve a higher energy efficiency – this means less costs for gas for you.

Only minor alterations are necessary - if any - for this quick and easy solution. Only your chimney may need to be converted.

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Gradually switch to renewable energy

Most older heaters work inefficiently and emit too much CO₂. Rising fuel prices are also driving up operating costs. Renewable heating systems enable you to become more independent from expensive fossil fuels and protect the climate at the same time. You do not have to invest in everything in one fell swoop. Instead, you can install new equipment as needed.

Saving costs with solar

You can supplement your heating system to use components that utilise renewable energy. For example, you can generate heat for hot water preparation and for heating support with solar collector and combine this with modern condensing boilers. Upgrading is not complicated and can help you to significantly reduce your heating costs. Consider special requirements relevant for your living area.

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Hybrid systems: renewable energy and gas heating

Are you looking for a small and compact unit which uses renewable energy? Then a hybrid system is an interesting solution. The hybrid system combines a heat pump with a gas condensing system in a small space. The wall-mounted indoor units can be used flexibly and are easily retrofitted. Intelligent hybrid management ensures a high level of savings in operational costs.

Completely switching to renewable energy

Are you looking for the most future-proof variant? Then focus entirely on renewable energy. This provides you with autonomy in relation to the rising price of fossil fuels. You then save most operating costs and protect the environment. In many countries you could also benefit from government subsidies.

Heat pumps: Your own source of energy

Modern heat pumps use the heat from the air, the water or the ground for heating and for hot water preparation. This energy is available all year round and in unlimited quantities. A heat pump works in a very environmentally friendly way because it produces no emissions.

An air/water heat pump is particularly suitable for replacing your heating: No major renovations are needed. The conversion cost and the purchase price are low. But also the installation of a brine/water heat pump or a water/water heat pump can pay off depending on the condition of your property.

The lower the required flow temperature is, the more efficient a heat pump is. Your house should therefore have large heating surfaces that allow operation at low temperatures. Your house should also be well insulated to ensure energy-efficient operation.

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The right heating system

There is no standard solution when searching for the right heating system. But finding the system that fits your needs is not that difficult. Talk with your Vaillant partner. They can assist you in planning your new heating installation.

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