Electric heating systems

Electricity can be used to heat water and rooms.

With electricity you can operate two different groups of heating devices. Electric water heaters for example for the kitchen or bathroom, and electric heating systems to heat rooms.

Electric water heaters

Instantaneous water heaters provide hot water immediately, so they are very well suited for buildings and places without a central hot water supply. A sink where hot water is required only once a day is an ideal place for the use of an instantaneous water heater.

An instantaneous water heater is completely maintenance free thanks to the bare wire principle. Using this principle the heating coils vibrate slightly during water flow so that deposited limescale breaks off.

The cost of operating such a device is dependent on the price of electricity. It may be

worthwhile to look at other solutions with lower operating costs. Talk to your local Vaillant expert to make the right decision for your needs.

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The right heating system

There is no standard solution when searching for the right heating system. But it is not that difficult to find the system that fits your needs. Talk with your Vaillant heating specialists. They can assist you in planning your new heating installation.

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