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Reference projects

Elternhaus Kinderhilfe Dresden

The four-storey cube designed by the architect’s office zanderarchitekten provides 13 flats for families while their children are in treatment.

House on the lake in Kalkar

A floating pilot and research project with resource protection in Kalkar, which is exemplary with respect to innovative housing development and energy efficiency.

Single-family house in Sundern

Energy-related renovation and the intelligent use of HVAC technology create a virtually self-sufficient energy supply of the residential building erected in 1905

Historic Lohgerberhaus in Balve

The listed half-timbered, slate-clad house from the year 1789 was renovated through the installation of a fuel cell to improve energy efficiency as part of the European ene.field field test.

Sustainable beach restaurant “Aan Zee”, Oostvoorne

The multi-functional restaurant uses all available natural energy sources for the electricity, heating, cooling and ventilation. Moreover, a sustainable concept for water purification and waste water management was developed.