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"Where to" with green power?

Maintaining a stable supply network for regenerative energy sources requires new solutions for efficient storage of the generated green power.

Bahnstadt - an impressive construction site

Heidelberg’s former goods station is the site of the world’s biggest passive house development, to be completed by 2022.

Vaillant supports the social project "Arche"

A social initiative resulted in the construction of a new energy-efficient building that was built entirely from donations.

The ErP Directive: simplification and comparability?

Christian Rosier, project director and ErP specialist at Vaillant explains how the new directive affects architects and planners.

ErP Directive - EU-wide labelling for heating devices

The transition phase ended in September 2015. The consequences are far-reaching – not only for manufacturers and commerce, but also for facilities planners and sanitary/heating/air conditioning specialists.

Lighthouse projects - platforms for innovations

Vaillant presents innovative products in countries where no market launch has taken place and creates “lighthouse projects”.

Fuel cell - the next step in heating technology

Fuel cell technology is highly efficient; in addition to heat, it also generates electricity and can also make gas “greener”. Vaillant units are designed for use in one- and two-family homes.

Future-oriented cross-industry cooperation

In cooperation with universities and research institutes, the network of enterprises, in which Vaillant is also a participant, develops innovative ideas across industries for our future living contexts.

How market researchers see the construction sector

The general atmosphere among architects serves market researchers as a foreshadowing indicator for future developments in the construction sector.

Universal Home: Living in the future

As co-initiator of the innovation network Universal Home, Vaillant is involved in researching the latest technologies for the home of tomorrow.

The corporate message behind our products

The Vaillant Group bundles its sustainability activities under the label S.E.E.D.S., short for Sustainability in Environment, Employees, Development & Products and Society.

Future aspects of the construction sector

A look at the mood, the order volume and the economic situation of European architect firms provides insight into the near future of the construction sector.

New opportunities for the construction sector

The European Architectural Barometer shows a positive economic development as well as the forecasts for the next few years and gives an access to the architectural design and technology trends in the construction sector.

Urban Mining – conservation of valuable resources

Ecological, economical and social pressure will increase with respect to the use of natural resources more than in any other area. The industrial production enterprises play a major role because the conservation of resources starts before the conception of a new product.